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2012-10-17 15:22:09 by Sinitron



Anusboy: The Movie

All you have to do is click this link, watch the presentation, and GIVE HIM ALL YOUR MONEY. I am fairly sure even the least mentally developed of you peons will be able to pull this off. Trust me, your drug money (I'm looking at you, Milburn brothers) is far better spent on this project, and it will probably not rot your brain out at the same alarming pace as meth does!

That's a fucking win/win scenario right there.

i made 1 (ONE) sketch

2011-06-13 21:19:25 by Sinitron

the first in

a long time


2011-02-07 13:56:26 by Sinitron

the fucking thing

Diamond League in StarCraft II

2011-01-04 19:31:51 by Sinitron

you fucking american tourist I'm a fucking Goliath (owned)

Diamond League in StarCraft II


2010-11-11 21:18:36 by Sinitron

but they can't be me to me
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i beat you at your own game

2010-10-31 08:26:15 by Sinitron

you fucking infidel scum praise the name of the lord allah devourer of SOULS

i beat you at your own game

I made a Robot Day Drawing

2010-07-11 04:22:05 by Sinitron

I think you should go see it. itron/robot-day-2010

fuck you idiot piece of shit.

2010-06-02 23:29:25 by Sinitron

Heres a truth for you. If you are fucking on a crocadile, 27% of the time that same crocodile will bite your asshole off and prevent you from shiiting for the rest of your life. He'll just rip your asshole clean from your ass and in 7 days you will die from non shitting.

fuck you idiot piece of shit.

is important

2010-05-11 22:07:43 by Sinitron

('(...`...´.... ¯_/'....|
..'\'...\.......... _.·´